In 2010 Ceric and Rick hosted a large BBQ cook out.  Them and Vince would flag down campers as they came into the park to come join in. It was such as resounding success that starting in 2011 Berryland would contact all campers and let them know it would become an annual event.
The campers were contacted and suggested everyone bring a pot luck. All foods would be put on two picnic tables set up like a buffet.

As you will see it went over the top! There was cooks row where 4 grills were going that could be used to cook items plus a couple of coolers. Campers and their guests brought something to pass around along with Berryland, Rick O. , and Rick D. cooking items to also put up. The campers that came were more than pleased. They not only ate until they were ready to burst at the seams, but also got to mingle with those that they wouldn't have normally even met. New friendships were formed.

Our first one for 2011 was held Memorial weekend on Sat. Everyone liked it so much it was suggested by the campers this be done on Memorial weekend and also Labor Day weekend.  We here at Berryland loved the idea also!

If you're not currently and annual site holder you are missing out on not only this great time but many others that are happening here through out the year.